Membership & Fees

Taekwondo is a varied martial art so every lesson can be quite different. For you to have an overview of our activities, we welcome you for a week’s trial without obligation to try out the various aspects of Taekwondo. With a Dobok or just in normal gym training gear, we recommend that you bring a […]


The “Dobok” is the obligatory martial arts outfit in Taekwondo. It is adorned by the belt corresponding to the grade of the practitioner. Taekwondo is usually practiced bear-foot.There are number of suppliers available on the Internet, a sample of which / / / / / The DobokThe «Dobok» is […]

Ethics Committee

Respect and good ethics is central to all sport, and even more so in martial arts where a lack of respect can be dangerous. Il GI Dojang Geneva is committed to fight against any behaviour that is contrary to the letter and to the spirit of the Code of Conduct of Swiss Taekwondo. If you […]

Teachers and Committee

The teachers and committee of Il Gi Dojang is composed of experienced Taekwondo Practitioners who follow regularly seminars to stay up to date with new rules, changes to Dan requirements and any modifications to Poomsae executionThey regularly participate in competitions as referees, coaches and other officials.

Lessons Timetable

Children from 6 to 12 years old are welcome at our kids’ classes. From the age of 13, members attend the “adult classes”.Please arrive on time as the school doors lock and entrance to class will be delayed if you arrive late. It is also good form to be on time for the salute before […]