Grading registration

In order to register for a grading, you must obtain the approval of your Master and pay the correct registration fee. Each grading costs CHF 40.-. This cost covers new belt or tip and administrative fees to the Swiss Taekwondo federation. For your first grading, you will need to add CHF 20.- to obtain the […]

Grading booklet

The grading booklet lists the terms (in Korean) and techniques that are needed to acquire each belt up to the black tip. The Korean terminology is used at gradings. A grading booklet is given to each Member of the Club upon registration.


Each grading requires the demonstration of having acquired new techniques and patterns (poomsae) but also a growing exigency as to the level of execution (speed, power, balance, accuracy) in the execution of all acquired techniques. Some more explanations below: Poomsae : a new poomsae is required for each belt. It isn’t sufficient to be able […]


Il Gi Dojang usually offers 3 gradings per year: generally in December, March and June during training hours (the regular training does not take place on those days but all members are welcome to witness the grading and lend assistance if required).  Gradings cover all aspects of Taekwondo in line with what will be required […]