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Taekwondo is a martial from South Korea which is practiced without weapons. Taekwondo is famous for its spectacular kicks but it is a complete martial art with sparring, Poomsae (forms), Hanbon Kiriougui or one-step sparring, Hoshinsul (self defence) and Kyokpa (breaking techniques). We work on all these aspects at Il Gi Dojang Geneva

Free Trial

New to Taekwondo or to our Club? Feel free to come and try out our lessons without obligation for a week. Taekwondo is a great way to work out for all ages and we cater to all levels. It is also an Olympic sport which will help boost endurance, strength and confidence. Just come in your sports gear and tell the teacher you are attending for a trial

Free Trial

New to Taekwondo or to our Club? Feel free to come and try out our lessons without obligation for a week. Taekwondo is a great way to work out for all ages and we cater to all levels. It is also an Olympic sport which will help boost endurance, strength and confidence. Just come in your sports gear and tell the teacher you are attending for a trial

Club Presentation

Il Gi Dojang «School of the First Thought» was founded by Master Pierre Vang 5th Dan and Master Xavier Rathgeb 3rd Dan with the help of a few friends with a common passion for Taekwondo.

The Club counts around 100 members and about 10 Masters and assistant teachers. Il Gi Dojang is affiliated to the Swiss Taekwondo federation, a member of Swiss Olympic and World Taekwondo WT.

Our objectives :

Offer dynamic, varied and structured lessons by qualified teachers appropriate for all ages and all levels.

Progress as many members as possible to the Black Belt

Participate in competitions, seminars, and generally contribute to the growth of Taekwondo

Pledge of the Members of Il Gi Dojang Taekwondo Club

«We pledge that:

we shall remain humble, honest and helpful at all times
we shall behave with integrity and measure and never misuse Taekwondo

we shall respect our elders, parents, coaches and one another
we shall develop our characters and our abilities to better serve our community
we shall believe in ourselves and persist in the pursuit of our aspirations
we shall abide by the laws of Switzerland and the rules of the Swiss Taekwondo Federation.»

Lessons Timetable

Children from 6 to 12 years old are welcome at our kids’ classes. From the age of 13, members attend the “adult classes”.
Please arrive on time as the school doors lock and entrance to class will be delayed if you arrive late. It is also good form to be on time for the salute before lessons start.
It is recommended to bring a water bottle and don’t forget your protections!

rue Francois Durafour 17. 1220 Les Avanchets – Verniers TPG bus stop 14-18 «Balexert» Parking P3

rue des Peupliers 15, 1205 Genève
TPG bus stop 12 et 13 «Blanche» Entrance “garçons”, basement

Summer Lessons at the “Parc des Franchises”

During summer when the schools are closed, ll GI Dojang Genève offers open-air lessons that are free and open to all.
Venue: Parc des Franchises, Avenue de Chatelaine, 1219 Genėve
Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday from 19h to 21h by dry weather only

Teachers and Committee

The teachers and committee of Il Gi Dojang is composed of experienced Taekwondo Practitioners who follow regularly seminars to stay up to date with new rules, changes to Dan requirements and any modifications to Poomsae execution
They regularly participate in competitions as referees, coaches and other officials.

Mark Thompson

4th DAN

Président du club II Gi Dojang Genėve

Tamara Zlatkovic

4th DAN

Chris Gilmartin

3th DAN

Radwa Shalabi

2nd DAN

Antonio Galindo

2nd DAN

Barbara Storaci

1st DAN

Gol Mohamed Ahmadi

1st DAN

Victor Prévôt

3rd Keup


Ethics Committee

Il Gi Dojang Ethics Officer:


The “Dobok” is the obligatory martial arts outfit in Taekwondo. It is adorned by the belt corresponding to the grade of the practitioner. Taekwondo is usually practiced bear-foot.
There are number of suppliers available on the Internet, a sample of which are: / / / / /

The Dobok
The «Dobok» is the appropriate outfit for Taekwondo composed of lightweight ample trousers and top.
There are 3 types of Dobok:

– white collar Dobok for practitioners below the black belt 

– red and black collar Dobok, for Poom belt holders (black belt for practitioners who are less than 16 years old).

– black collar Dobok are reserved for black belt holders only.

The size of Dobok is calculated to correspond to the overall height. If you are are 1m73 tall, it is best to take the size above, i.e. 180 cm. Beginners should acquire a Dobok with a white belt, the Club will give them their news belts after successful gradings.

Required protections for training
It is strongly recommended to have at each training the following protections:

    – arm guards

    – shin guards

    – groin guard (men and women)

    – mouth guard

    – sparring gloves

    – foot protectors

Chest protectors and helmets are available at the Club but we recommend you obtain your own helmet for sanitary reasons.

Protections required to attend sparring competitions
All protections must be approved by World Taekwondo to be used in competitions.
The mouth guard must be either white or transparent (no other colour is allowed).
Electronic chest guards (trunk protector and scoring system or TPSS) and electronic helmets are provided by the competition organisers.
You must on the other hand have your own WT approved competition foot protectors.

Membership & Fees

Taekwondo is a varied martial art so every lesson can be quite different. For you to have an overview of our activities, we welcome you for a week’s trial without obligation to try out the various aspects of Taekwondo. With a Dobok or just in normal gym training gear, we recommend that you bring a bottle of water. Simply present yourself to the Master giving the lesson and say you are attending for a trial. If you are coming from another club or from abroad, you may wear your Dobok and current belt corresponding to your seniority.

Membership at Il Gi Dojang allows you to participate in all lessons, regardless of your current level (beginner / advanced). Adult lessons are for members of 13 years or more, and kids from 6 to 12 years’ old. There are a number of discounts available and they can be cumulated. Unless you are travelling through Geneva, the minimum membership duration is 3 months. If you register during a semester, you will be charged pro-rata temporis to the end of the semester or year. Membership fees are not reduced or re-imbursed in case of absence from the Club except for medical reasons (a medical certificate is required).

Check out available discounts which can be cumulated
All registrations are done on-line and membership fees should be paid by bank transfer.

13 years and above annual membership

680 CHF

6- 12 years annual membership

470 CHF



A new registration platform will soon be available. Registrations are temporarily closed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Grading cost: 40.-

A one-off CHF 20.- cost is required upon your first grading in Switzerland to obtain a Swiss Taekwondo “Mudopass” as a member of the national federation. This is not needed if you already have a Mudopass from another Club in which case please hand it in to the Club for safe keeping.

All payments should be made to the following account:

In favour of: IL GI DOJANG-GENEVE, 1205 GENEVE
IBAN: CH680 9000 0001 7794 4452